Playball is not just another ball program. It is a highly specialized program, devised and continually updated by sports experts, occupational therapists and educational specialists. By giving children competence in sports, we help them develop skills that are not associated with sports at all.  

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We use the medium of sports, not only to improve gross motor development, increase concentration skills, build low muscle tone, to teach children to be competent in hand-eye/foot-eye coordination and improve balance; but sport is also used to teach basic, yet essential life skills. At Playball your children will learn persistence, courage, cooperation, respect, positive relationships, self-worth, communication, responsibility, and countless other attributes. We address the needs of the whole child – dealing with the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical.


Today a sedentary lifestyle dominates our children’s lives. The average child spends numerous hours in front of TVs and computers; not developing his perceptual motor skills. Simply put, those skills that enable him to act on and respond to information received. Many children have low muscle tone and poor concentration. The child’s social skills suffer as do his emotional skills, and even intellectual skills may be affected. If detected early these problems can easily be overcome for the average child.

WHO CAN SIGN UP?                                                     Playball is for children 18 months to 6 years old. It is created to suit the needs and abilities of ALL children – to give them the confidence to participate in all activities, both on and off the field. At Playball, children learn the basis for such sports as baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and more.                      We now offer Summer, Winter & Spring Break camps – please visit

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